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March 2002


Does Nature Want Us to Kill Wild Animals? -- Walter E. Howard
News From The Berryman Institute, Utah State University -- Michael Conover, Director
NADCA Minutes of Annual Meeting: Reno, NV March 5, 2002
What characteristics are used to differentiate reptiles from amphibians?
Regulatory Actions on the Horizon -- Kevin D. Clark, President, Critter Control, Inc.
The five remaining members of the Whitehawk wolf pack located in the White Cloud Mountains of Idaho, were gunned down by helicopter earlier this month.
Washinghton’s Initiative 713 is reeking havoc among trappers, farmers, and wildlife managers. Outlawing steel jaw and body gripping traps, as well as two types of poison, Initiative 713 has made nuisance wildlife nearly impossible to control.
The proceedings of the 9th WDM Conference are now available.