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July 2002


• Suburban Invasion! By Wildlife? -- Michelle L. Shuey, Southwest Texas State University
• What are the health risks of consuming meat from deer or elk infected with Chronic Wasting Disease ?
• The 68th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference is set for March 26-30, 2003, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
• Book Review: Living in the Shadows: How to Help the Stray Cat in Your Life (Without Adding to the Problem) by Ann K. Fisher.--“I was impressed with her chapter on taming feral cats. It would certainly take a dedicated soul to put that much work into taming a cat.”
• Goose School: the first National Goose Management Training Academy in Indianapolis, Indiana (June 8 & 9, 2002) -- Larry Sullivan
• The California Contractors State License Board, (CSLB), recently approved a new sub-classification in its Non-Specialty Contractors License category. The new license is listed as C-61/D-64 "Animal Damage and Bird Control".
• Los Angeles animal control recently approved increased efforts to control coyotes in residential areas by using traditional deterrent programs.
• Identifying Predator Kills: Texas A&M has a website with some excellent photos to help identify predator kills of livestock. See http://texnat.tamu.edu/ranchref/predator/p-gen.htm
• History of Wolf Attacks in Europe and Asia -- Barton Stam, Utah State University