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May 2003


• The Urban Coyote -- Dallas Virchow
• Since the distribution of some species of vampire bats extends to northern Mexico, do these bats ever enter the U.S. ?
• The first of many BMPs for trapping is now on-line. Below you will find a link that provides the new Best Management Practices (BMPs) for trapping coyotes in the eastern United States: http://www.furbearermgmt.org/03ecbmp.pdf
• Human-Wildlife Conflicts in China -- Alex E Mettler, Berryman Institute, Utah State University
• An Arizona DPS officer found this animal dead along an interstate highway in Arizona. The officer thought it looked like a rat, but bigger than any rat he'd ever seen. He took it to the nearby, Pinal County Extension Office to find out just what it was. The Extension Office had the DPS officer deliver the carcass to Larry Sullivan, Extension Wildlife Damage Management Specialist, for identification. (with photo)
• A man formerly of Liberal, Kansas has died and his wife is recovering from a bout with hantavirus, which medical officials say is contracted through exposure to infected rodents.
• The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state and local health departments continue to investigate cases of monkeypox among people who had close contact with wild or exotic mammalian pets or people with monkeypox. As of 18 Jun 2003, a total of 87 cases of monkeypox have been reported to CDC.
• Proceedings from the Sixth Mountain Lion Workshop Now Available