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September 2003


• Message From Outgoing President -- Mike Conover
• Message From Incoming President -- Art Smith
• Were the mythical vampires of Europe named after vampire bats?
• NADCA 2004 Election Results
• Human-Wildlife Conflicts in Mexico -- Andrea Thurlow, Berryman Institute, Utah State University
• A newly patented process could soon solve the problem of disposing of animal carcasses by turning them into a dust like material. Alberta's Biosphere Technologies received international patents for its BioRefinex process that breaks down organic material using water, high temperature and pressure.
• University of California's Hopland Research and Extension Center produced 1,220 publications--ranging from sheep and range management to the predation problems caused by coyotes, bears, and mountain lions—since 1951. Research at Hopland: 1951-2001—An Annotated Bibliography lists and describes those publications.