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Date of this Version

October 2004


Copyright 2004 The American Sheep Industry Association. Used by permission.


● Predation and Livestock Production-Perspective and Overview-- Maurice Shelton
● Economic Impact of Sheep Predation in the United States Keithly Jones
● The History of Federal and Cooperative Animal Damage Control-- Donald W. Hawthorne
● Status and Management of Coyote Depredations in the Eastern United States-- J. M. Houben
● The Coyote in the Edwards Plateau of Texas — An Update-- Gary Nunley
● Coyote Predation Management: An Economic Analysis of Increased Antelope Recruitment and Cattle Production in South Central Wyoming-- Stephanie A. Shwiff and Rod J. Merrell
● Feral Swine Impacts on Agriculture and the Environment-- Nathan W. Seward, Kurt C. VerCauteren, Gary W. Witmer, and Richard M. Engeman
● Managing Wolf Depredation in the United States: Past, Present, and Future-- Stewart Breck and Tom Meier
● Compensation Programs in Wyoming for Livestock Depredation by Large Carnivores-- M. T. Bruscino and T. L. Cleveland
● Direct, Spillover, and Intangible Benefits of Predation Management-- Stephanie A. Shwiff and Mike J. Bodenchuk
● Indirect Effects of Carnivores on Livestock Foraging Behavior and Production-- Larry D. Howery and Thomas J. DeLiberto
● Livestock Depredations by Black Vultures and Golden Eagles-- M. L. Avery and J. L. Cummings
● Non-lethal Alternatives for Predation Management-- John A. Shivi
● Use of Livestock Guarding Animals to Reduce Predation on Livestock-- W. F. Andelt
● Predacides for Canid Predation Management-- K. A. Fagerstone, J. J. Johnston, and P. J. Savarie
● Selective Targeting of Alpha Coyotes to Stop Sheep Depredation-- M.M. Jaeger
● Using Genetic Analyses to Identify Predators C. L. Williams and J. J. Johnston
● Economic Impact of Protected Large Carnivores on Sheep Farming in Norway-- Leif Jarle Asheim and Ivar Mysterud
● Review of Canid Management in Australia for the Protection of Livestock and Wildlife — Potential Application to Coyote Management--L.R. Allen and P.J.S. Fleming