Industrial and Management Systems Engineering


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A. Guru, P.A. Savory (2004), “A Template-Based Conceptual Modeling Infrastructure For Simulation Of Physical Security Systems,” Proceedings of the 2004 SCS Winter Simulation Conference, pp. 866-873, Washington D.C., December 2004.


Although simulation is one of the most innovative and cost-effective tools for modeling and analyzing a system, simulation studies often fail to provide any useful results. One reason is attributed to the fact that model formulation depends on the skills of the analyst. This paper describes a research to develop a conceptual modeling infrastructure to assist a simulation analyst in specifying components for studying physical security systems. The modeling framework has been programmed as an internet-based web application. Using the application, the successful development and implementation of a physical security simulation model will be aided by a defined scientific methodology rather than simply the skills of the analyst. Further the modeling framework is simulation language independent, thus allowing for a top-down or bottom-up approach to developing the conceptual model. This offers support for an object-oriented modeling design.