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A. Guru, P. Savory, and R. Williams (2000), “A Web-Based Interface For Storing And Executing Simulation Models,” Proceedings of the 2000 SCS Winter Simulation Conference, pp. 1811-1814, Orlando, FL., December 2000


The dominance of the Internet in the development ofinformation and communication technology has madeWeb-based distributed solutions increasingly attractive.Apart from providing other services, the World Wide Webis being looked upon as an environment for hostingmodeling and simulation applications. SIMAN is asimulation language that allows users to simulate discreteand continuous systems. In this research, a web-basedinterface or toolkit has been developed for storing andexecuting SIMAN simulation models over the Internet.This toolkit consists of a World Wide Web interface toSIMAN and a web-accessible database for storing usermodels. It provides users an easy-to-use environment fordeveloping text-based simulation models using the SIMANsimulation language. It also allows users to test thefunctionality of a SIMAN model using the SIMANdebugger/run controller.