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P. Savory (1995), “Using Mathematica to Aid Simulation Analysis,” Proceedings of the 1995 SCS Winter Simulation Conference, (ISBN: 0-7803-3018-8), ed. Alexopoulos, Kang, Lilegdon, and Goldsman, pp. 1324-1328, Washington, D.C., December 1995.


As computer power has increased, so has the capability of software developers to write programs that assist people with time-consuming tasks. Mathematica is such a program. The objective of this paper is to demonstrate how Mathematica, a symbolic programming environment, can be used to aid simulation analysis. In addition to a general discussion of Mathematica’s uses, advantages, and disadvantages, several examples will be presented. The examples include using Mathematica for distribution fitting, queueing analysis, random number generation, and creating a surface plot for optimization.