Industrial and Management Systems Engineering


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P. Savory, G.T. Mackulak, and J.K. Cochran (1994), “Extending Simulation’s Advantages to Novice Model Builders: IntelliSIM Tutorial,” Business/MIS Simulation Education (1994 Western Multiconference), (ISBN: 1-56555-069-2), ed. Johnson and Monroe, pp. 117-121, Tempe, Arizona , January 1994.


The potential benefits that discrete-event simulation offers are impeded by the high level of expertise necessary to successfully conduct a sound simulation study. As a solution, this paper introduces IntelliSIM, an intelligent simulation environment. Using this environment makes simulation more accessible to users by reducing the need for extensive experience or training. One of IntelliSIM’s key features for accomplishing this is a tutorial and training module that quickly acquaints a novice simulation user with IntelliSIM’s features and the process of performing a simulation study. This paper discusses this tutorial by explaining how IntelliSIM develops a simulation model, thus illustrating how the benefits of simulation can be extended to a broad base of business/systems modelers.