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Poster presentation: “National Internet Repository for Course Portfolios.” Poster at 2006 CASTL Colloquium on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Evidence, Impact and Momentum, April 2006 (Madison WI)


Faculty in higher education are increasingly asked to document, assess, and make public their teaching practices. Course portfolios are a valuable medium for capturing the scholarly work of one’s teaching by combining inquiry into the intellectual work of a course with a careful investigation of the quality of student understanding and performance. It enables a faculty member to document the careful, difficult, and intentional scholarly work of planning and teaching a course. Since a course portfolio can be read, evaluated, and used by others, it offers mechanisms for valuing teaching as scholarship and for improving student learning. This poster will highlight the creation of a national internet repository ( for course portfolios written by faculty who teach at postsecondary institutions. Additionally, we will feature the process by which a person can offer feedback and external assessment of a course portfolio.