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Presentation: “Developing and Integrating a Campus Program for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Initiatives.” Presentation at 2006 CASTL Colloquium on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Evidence, Impact and Momentum, April 2006 (Madison WI)


Based on the successful campus model that the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has developed over ten years, and those of our project consortium partners (Texas A&M, Kansas State University, Indiana University–Bloomington, University of Michigan, and University of Kansas), this panel offers suggestions for creating a campus peer review program designed to promote the intellectual work of teaching generally and the scholarship of teaching and learning more specifically. We offer our perspective on approaches for getting started, establishing the project leadership, seeking funding to support a project, recruiting and supporting faculty participants, developing strategies for running the program, and assessing the project’s impact and making it visible on one’s campus. In particular, we’ll discuss how we—three faculty members who do not have appointments in a teaching/learning center—have strategically built support for, expanded, and integrated what was once an ad hoc program into a coordinated faculty development structure through the office of Academic Affairs on our campus. We’ll describe how this model, which originally focused on helping faculty create course portfolios, has now expanded into several additional levels of faculty support, including a SOTL writing group.