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Insecta Mundi 0504: 1-43


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Abstract. Epimelitta Bates, 1870 (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) is redescribed with two species: Epimelitta scoparia (Klug, 1825) and Epimelitta rufiventris Bates, 1870; Epimelitta meliponica Bates, 1870 syn. nov. and Epimelitta acutipennis Fisher, 1947 syn. nov. are considered junior synonyms of E. scoparia. Exepimelitta gen. nov. is described with five species: Exepimelitta mimica (Bates, 1873), Ex. nigerrima (Bates, 1892), Ex. consobrina (Melzer, 1931) (= Epimelitta nigerrima var. flavipubescens Fisher, 1947, syn. nov.), Ex. lestradei (Peñaherrera-Leiva and Tavakilian, 2003) and Ex. windsori sp. nov. Charisia Champion, 1892 is revalidated and redescribed with six species: Charisia euphrosyne (Newman, 1840), C. mneme (Newman, 1841), C. melanaria Gounelle, 1911, C. ornaticollis Zajciw, 1973, C. bleuzeni (Peñaherrera-Leiva and Tavakilian, 2003) and C. durantoni (Peñaherrera-Leiva and Tavakilian, 2003). Erratamelitta gen. nov. is described with two species: Erratamelitta erato (Newman, 1840) (= Epimelitta bicolor (Bates, 1873), syn. nov.) and Er. eliasi sp. nov.. Adepimelitta gen. nov. is described with two species: Adepimelitta debilis (Gounelle, 1911) and Ad. eupheme (Lameere, 1884). A brief synopsis of the genus Acorethra Bates, 1873 is presented, with two species included: Acorethra chrysaspis Bates, 1873, revalidated, and Ac. aureofasciata Gounelle, 1911. All species are illustrated (including genitalia when available); and keys to the genera, and their species, are provided.