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Insecta Mundi 0589: 1–131.


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Distributional records of the 177 tiger beetle species and subspecies known for Vietnam are given together with a key and habitus photos (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Cicindelinae). Tricondyla (Tricondyla) macrodera abruptesculpta Horn, 1925, Protocollyris festiva Naviaux, 2008, Neocollyris (Brachycollyris) purpureomaculata borea Naviaux, 1994, Neocollyris (Brachycollyris) torosa Naviaux, 2010, Neocollyris (Leptocollyris) rogeri Shook and Wu, 2006, Neocollyris (Leptocollyris) laosensis Naviaux, 1999, Neocollyris (Stenocollyris) rubens (Bates, 1878), Neocollyris (Pachycollyris) tricolor Naviaux, 1991, Neocollyris (Pachycollyris) panfilovi Naviaux and Matalin, 2002, Therates rugulosus Horn, 1900, Therates bannapecolus Sawada and Wiesner, 1999, Calochroa interruptofasciata flavolineata (Chaudoir, 1865), Cylindera (Ifasina) cyclobregma Acciavatti and Pearson, 1989, Cylindera (Ifasina) decolorata (Horn, 1907), Cylindera (Ifasina) humillima (Gestro, 1893) and Cylindera (Eugrapha) elisae elisae (Motschulsky, 1859) are reported for the first time in the fauna of Vietnam. Neocollyris (Isocollyris) septentrionalis Naviaux, 1999, Neocollyris (Leptocollyris) linearis tenuicornis (Chaudoir, 1864), Neocollyris (Pachycollyris) aptera apicalis (Chaudoir, 1864), Neocollyris (Pachycollyris) contracta (Horn, 1905), Therates dimidiatus wallacei Thomson, 1857, Cylindera (Cylindera) pseudocylindriformis Horn, 1913, Cylindera (Ifasina) viridilabris (Chaudoir, 1852), Cylindera (Ifasina) psilica psilica (Bates, 1866), Cylindera (Eugrapha) venosa (Kollar, 1836) and Myriochila (Myriochila) undulata (Dejean, 1825) are excluded from the fauna of Vietnam.