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Insecta Mundi Manuscript preparation rules and guidelines February 2018; available at


Dear CSE members,

I am writing to inform you that our Insecta Mundi manuscript preparation rules and guidelines have been updated for 2018. The revised document can be downloaded from the Author Instructions page on our website, or at the link below:

[or from the "Download" button on this page]

The majority of the rules and guidelines are unchanged. But, there are some notable differences in the 'Final Clean Up of Manuscripts' section on pages 12-13. We recommend reading this revised section in particular, prior to submitting a new manuscript.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact the Chief Editor at

Thank you.


Insecta Mundi is an ongoing experiment in publishing. Our goal is to produce taxonomic publications that are free for authors (no page charges) and openly accessible for users (see Skelley and Thomas 2007). To accomplish this, we require the participation of authors in the publication process. Authors are required to make their manuscripts publishable by our standards prior to submission. Authors unwilling or unable to follow the guidelines should ask friends for help or consider paying to have their article published in journals which charge for the services.

The purposes for these rules and guidelines are to ensure consistency in presentation with all articles published in the journal, to prevent embarrassing or serious mistakes; and to keep manuscripts simple and easy to work with. Most of these rules are standard practice for any journal, others are tasks authors already practice. These guidelines are a learning opportunity for students and professionals, even if they do not publish with Insecta Mundi. However, we appreciate your consideration.

Contents: Submission Requirements. . 2 Manuscript Preparation. . 2 General Considerations. . 2 Language, Manuscript Length, and Fees. . 2 Nomenclature and New Taxa. . 2 Rules of Journal Style. . 3 Citing References in the Text. . 4 Peer Review. . 4 Authors Seeking Reviewers. . 4 Reviewers. . 5 Manuscript Outline and Specific Guidelines. . 6 Title. . 6 Authors and Affiliations. . 6 Abstract/Resumen. . 7 Introduction. . 7 Materials and Methods. . 7 Body of Text (Results, etc.). . 7 Acknowledgments . 8 Literature Cited. . 8 Figure Captions . 10 Figures . 10 Tables and appendices . . 11 Other considerations. . 11 Final Clean Up of Manuscripts. . 12 Paragraph Spacing, Indents, and Fonts. . 12 Symbols and Accented Characters. . 12 Remove Extraneous Formatting. . 13 Spellchecking. . 13 Find and Replace. . 13 Clearing/resetting Formatting . 13 Working with Editorial Staff. . . .14 Communication on Manuscript Changes. . 14 Making Corrections. . 14 Rushing Manuscripts. . 14 Submitting Files. . 14