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Insecta Mundi 0603: 1–18.


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After publication of Blahnik and Holzenthal (2017), it was noticed that a large portion of the text had been accidentally removed from the “Phylogenetic and evolutionary comments” section during the proofing stage. The beginning of the deleted section completes the sentence on line 6 of page 129, which begins “The species included in the subgenus...”. The Insecta Mundi editorial staff apologizes for this oversight. In order to provide context for the deleted excerpt, the entire “Phylogenetic and evolutionary comments” section is reproduced here, with the deleted text reincorporated. Insecta Mundi has also released a revised version of the Blahnik and Holzenthal (2017) manuscript, with this error corrected. However, the revised version is merely for convenience, and not an official peerreviewed article. Anyone wishing to reference the findings of Blahnik and Holzenthal (2017) should cite the original 2017 manuscript or this erratum. The references and figure plates cited in this section have also been reproduced here.