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Insecta Mundi 0593: 1–17.


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Species of Hydrosmecta C. G. Thomson, occurring in eastern Canada, are studied and reviewed. Six species are recognized, and two of them are described as new to science. The new species are: Hydrosmecta canadensis Webster and Klimaszewski, new species, and Hydrosmecta minutissimoides Webster and Klimaszewski, new species. Two species described in the USA are recorded from Canada and New Brunswick for the first time: Hydrosmecta caduca Casey and Hydrosmecta dulcis Casey. New distribution and collection data, diagnoses, a key for species identification, and images of habitus and genital structures are provided. Hydrosmecta newfoundlandica Klimaszewski and Langor, 2011, is transferred to the genus Atheta Thomson based on morphology of genital structures.