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Insecta Mundi 0611: 1–35

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The Scarabaeus subgenus Scarabaeolus Balthasar, 1965 (Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae: Scarabaeini) is defined and nine new species are described, six from the Republic of South Africa [S. (S.) fragilis sp. n., S. (S.) krugeri sp. n., S. (S.) lizleri sp. n., S. (S.) orientalis sp. n., S. (S.) rugosipennis sp. n., S. (S.) similis sp. n.] and one each from Angola [S. (S.) cunene sp. n.], Namibia [S. (S.) namibensis sp. n.] and Kenya [S. (S.) werneri sp. n.], bringing the number of recorded species up to 41. Species accounts listing original descriptions, subsequent accounts, type localities, type repositories, and geographic distributions are provided for all the species. The status of S. (S.) reichei Waterhouse, 1890 and of S. (S.) bohemani Harold, 1868, both formerly synonymized and reinstated, are discussed. It is concluded that S. (S.) reichei is synonymous with S. (S.) canaliculatus Fairmaire, 1888, whereas S. (S.) bohemani differs from S. (S.) palemo Olivier, 1789 in the color of antennal club and shape of paramere tips, and is upheld pending availability of molecular data.