Center for Systematic Entomology, Gainesville, Florida


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January 2008


Insecta Mundi, published by the Center for Systematic Entomology, is available online at Copyright © by Swift.


New ecological and biogeographical observations are presented for the following 32 species of Cerambycidae from California: Atimia confusa dorsalis LeConte, Anelaphus albofasciatus (Linell), Aneflus prolixus prolixus LeConte, Anoplocurius incompletus Linsley, Brothylus conspersus LeConte, Callidiellum virescens Chemsak and Linsley, Calloides lorquini (Buquet), Clytus chemsaki Hovore and Giesbert, Enaphalodes hispicornis (Linnaeus), Methia brevis Fall, Neaneflus fuchsi (Wickham), Neoclytus balteatus LeConte, Plectromerus dentipes (Olivier), Phymatodes decussatus decussatus (LeConte), Phymatodes decussatus australis Chemsak, Purpuricenus dimidiatus LeConte, Rosalia funebris Motschulsky, Schizax senex LeConte, Smodicum pacificum Linsley, Stenaspis solitaria (Say), Tragidion gracilipes Linsley, Brachysomida californica (LeConte), Brachysomida vittigera Linsley and Chemsak, Centrodera osburni Knull, Encyclops californica Van Dyke, Judolia sexspilota (LeConte), Leptalia macilenta (Mannerheim), Leptura hovorei Linsley and Chemsak, Leptura pacifica (Linsley), Necydalis barbarae Rivers, Neobellamira delicata australis Linsley and Chemsak, Pachyta armata LeConte, Stenocorus alteni Giesbert and Hovore.

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