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Oliver Keller and Marc A. Branham Miscellaneous notes on the fireflies (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) in McDermott’s 1966 catalogue of Lampyridae II Insecta Mundi 0682: 1–4


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The following nomenclatural changes for several firefly taxa (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) are proposed and herein implemented. Correction of authorship is proposed for Lampyroidea lucifer (Reiche and de Saulcy, 1857). Spelling corrections are proposed for Photinus coroicosus Pic, 1941 and Macrolampis flavithorax Pic, 1940. Dates of publication are corrected for Photinus curticornis Pic, 1940, Phausis riversi (LeConte, 1885), Ellychnia autumnalis Melsheimer, 1846, Ellychnia facula LeConte, 1854, Lamprigera nitidicollis (Fairmaire, 1891), Cladodes gloriosus E. Olivier, 1909, Photuris brunnipennis Jacquelin Du Val, 1857, Pyrogaster subnitidus Pic, 1928, Pyrogaster telephorinus (Perty, 1830), and Lampyroidea dispar (Fairmaire, 1857).