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The genus Microogenius Gutiérrez (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Rutelinae: Rutelini), endemic to the Andean biogeographic region, is revised and now includes six species: Microogenius arrowi (Ohaus) (Bolivia), Microogenius borealis sp. nov. (Peru), Microogenius gutierrezi Martínez (Bolivia), Microogenius lanterii (Soula) (Argentina), Microogenius martinezi Gutiérrez (Bolivia) and Microogenius puna sp. nov. (Bolivia, Chile, Peru). Redescription of the genus, individual diagnoses, identification keys and distribution records for all known species are provided. Additionally, photographs of adults and of diagnostic morphological characters are included. Eremophygus calvus Gutiérrez, based on the female holotype, is synonymized under Microogenius arrowi (Ohaus), based on the male lectotype. The genus Microogenius is recorded for the first time for the altiplano of Chile and Peru based on specimens of a new species that has been long confused with Eremophygus lasiocalinus Ohaus.