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Antonio Santos-Silva, Francisco E. de L. Nascimento and James E. Wappes Nomenclatural changes in American Apomecynini including description of new genera and species (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) Insecta Mundi 0716: 1–35


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Nomenclatural and taxonomic changes are proposed for American Apomecynini (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Lamiinae). New synonymies: Parmenonta valida Thomson, 1868, type species of Parmenonta Thomson, 1868, is transferred to Adetus LeConte, 1852, making obligatory the synonymy of Parmenonta with Adetus; Adetus cylindricus Bates, 1866 = A. inaequalis (Thomson, 1868); Adetus leucostigma Bates, 1880 = Adetus binotatus (Thomson, 1868); Adetus tuberosus Galileo and Martins, 2003 = Typophaula melancholica Thomson, 1868; Adetus latericius Belon, 1902, and Adetus irregularis (Breuning, 1939) = Adetus nanus (Fairmaire and Germain, 1859). New records: Adetus binotatus for Chiapas, Guerrero, Tamaulipas, and Quintana Roo (Mexico), new state records; A. inaequalis for Amapá (Brazil), new state record; A. punctatus for Brazil (Rondônia), and Suriname, new country records; Adetus bacillarius Bates, 1885 for Mexico, new country record, and Brazil, new country record; Adetus insularis Breuning, 1940 for Mexico, new country record; Adetus nanus, for Brazil (Pará), new state record, Colombia and Venezuela, new country records. Adetus validus (Thomson, 1868) comb. nov. (from Parmenonta Thomson, 1868). New genera and new species: Adetus x-fasciatus Santos-Silva, Nascimento and Wappes, from Paraguay and Argentina; Adetus monteverdensis Santos-Silva, Nascimento and Wappes, from Costa Rica; Adetus pseudobacillarius Santos-Silva, Nascimento and Wappes, from Costa Rica; Adetus clinei Santos- Silva, Nascimento and Wappes, from Bolivia; Adetaptera Santos-Silva, Nascimento and Wappes, new genus, with A. albisetosus (Bates, 1880) comb. nov. designated as type species; Adetaptera schaffneri Santos-Silva, Nascimento and Wappes, from Mexico; Morrisia Santos-Silva, Nascimento and Wappes, new genus, for M. squamosa (Chemsak and Noguera, 1995) comb. nov., transferred from Adetus LeConte, 1852 and designated as type species, and M. pulchra Santos-Silva, Nascimento and Wappes, from Mexico; Skillmania Santos-Silva, Nascimento and Wappes, new genus, with S. obrienorum Santos-Silva, Nascimento and Wappes comb. nov., from Mexico, designated as type species. New combinations: The following 15 species are transferred from Parmenonta to Adetaptera: A. albosticta (Galileo and Martins, 2003), A. chapadensis (Martins and Galileo, 1999), A. fulvosticta (Bates, 1885), A. insularis (Fisher, 1930), A. laevepunctata (Breuning, 1940), A. lenticula (Galileo and Martins, 2006), A. maculata (Martins and Galileo, 1999), A. minor (Bates, 1880), A. ovatula (Bates, 1880), A. parallela (Lameere, 1893), A. punctigera (Germar, 1823), A. strandiella (Breuning, 1940), A. thomasi (Linsley and Chemsak, 1985), A. wickhami (Schaeffer, 1908), and A. dominicana (Galileo and Martins, 2004).