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Insecta Mundi 0740: 1–17


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Herein we describe five new species in the trichopteran family Glossosomatidae Wallengren (Insecta: Trichoptera) from Panama: Mortoniella calovebora Blahnik and Armitage, n. sp., M. yayas Blahnik and Armitage, n. sp., Protoptila inflata Blahnik and Armitage, n. sp., P. totumas Blahnik and Armitage, n. sp., and P. rambala Blahnik and Armitage, n. sp. Three of the species were collected as part of ongoing biological surveys of Panama’s national parks. We also record three new country records for Panama for this family: Culoptila costaricensis Flint, 1974, Mortoniella opinionis Blahnik and Holzenthal, 2008, and Protoptila spirifera Flint, 1974. Thirty-one species of glossosomatid caddisflies, nine of them endemic, are now known from Panama.