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Troubridge JT. 2020. A new genus and 37 new noctuoid species from peninsular Florida and the Keys (Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea). Insecta Mundi 0789: 1–56.


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A new genus, Janzena (Erebidae), and 37 new species of Noctuoidea (Lepidoptera) are described from Florida as well as two species elevated from synonymy to species status. Bleptina biformata, Bleptina ex­tincta, Bleptina flavivena, Bleptina verticalis, Lascoria coma, Janzena pyraliformis, Sigela sordes, Sigela minuta, Sigela incisa, Sigela subincisa, Sigela rosea, Sigela lynx, Dyspyralis ocala, Metalectra nigrior, Metalectra dixoni, Melipotis florida, Doryodes acta, Doryodes unica, Doryodes fulva, Toxonprucha killamae, Zale lafontainei, Zale vargoi, Zale clandestina, Athyrma fakahatchee, Antiblemma perva, Antiblemma carolae, Paectes hercules, Meganola georgei, Litoprosopus linea, Tripudia calusa, Catabenoides insularis, Neogalea caracara, Condica col­laris, Homophoberia australis, Diastema leo, Pyreferra slotteni, and Leucania elephas are described as new. Hemeroplanis floccalis (Zeller), revived status, is raised to species status from the synonymy of Hemeroplanis scopulepes (Haworth), and Euscirrhopterus argentata (Druce), revived status, is raised to species status from the synonymy of Euscirrhopterus poeyi Grote. The genus Araeopteron Hampson is restricted to the Old World and Araeopteron vilhelmina (Dyar) is transferred to the genus Sigela Hulst, new combination. The barcode index number (BIN) is provided for each species, when available.