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Halbert SE, Burckhardt D. 2020. The psyllids (Hemiptera: Psylloidea) of Florida: newly established and rarely collected taxa and checklist. Insecta Mundi 0788: 1–88.


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Psyllids are an economically important group of insects. Several species are serious emerging pests with regulatory significance. About 20 adventive species have been discovered in Florida in the past 20 years, including several pests. Additionally, five species new to science have been found. We provide an annotated checklist of Florida species with taxonomic information and identification tools, including keys to Florida genera and known species. Seventy species of Psylloidea currently are reported from Florida. Forty-one are native to Florida, with 12 endemic to the state. Twenty are adventive, the majority being from the Neotropics. One was introduced deliberately for biological control, seven represent temporary populations (eradicated, reared in quarantine), and one is a dubious record. Craspedolepta euthamiae Burckhardt and Halbert, new species, Katacephala wineriterae Burckhardt and Halbert, new species, Pseudophacopteron gumbolimbo Burckhardt and Halbert, new species, Nothotrioza longipedis Burckhardt and Halbert, new species, and Trioza myresae Burckhardt and Halbert, new species are described from Florida and are native endemic spe­cies. Aphalara persicaria Caldwell is redescribed and separated from similar species. Aphalara persicaria var. cubana Caldwell is confirmed as a junior synonym of Aphalara persicaria. The Florida records of Craspedo­lepta spp. are revisited and revised, including Craspedolepta euthamiae Burckhardt and Halbert, new species. Bactericera nigrilla (Crawford), new combination, revived status is recognized from Florida, redescribed, and distinguished from similar species. Rhinopsylla caldwelli Tuthill is transferred to Kuwayama Crawford and becomes Kuwayama caldwelli (Tuthill), new combination. Trioza maritima Tuthill is transferred to Leu­ronota Crawford and becomes Leuronota maritima (Tuthill), new combination. Species of Bactericera Puton on Salix L. (Salicaceae) in North America are reviewed. Bactericera flori (Crawford), new combination, new status. is determined to be the correct name for Trioza assimilis Crawford nec Flor (= Trioza flori Crawford, replacement name, = Trioza pomonae Aulmann, replacement name), and Trioza dubia Patch, new synonym. Lectotypes are designated for Trioza marginata Crawford, Trioza minuta Crawford, Trioza minuta similis Crawford, and Trioza nigra Crawford.