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September 1995


Insecta Mundi, published by the Center for Systematic Entomology, is available online at Copyright © by Di Iorio.


Fifteen species of Megacyllene occur in Argentina: M. acuta (Germ.), M. bonplandi (Gounelle), M. castanea (Laporte & Gory), M. insignita (Perroud), M. falsa (Chevrolat), M. mellyi (Chevrolat), M. minuta (Chevrolat), M. multiguttata Burmeister (status nov.), . murina Purmeister), M. neblinosa new species, M. proxima (Laporte and Gory), M. spinifera (Newman), M. rotundicollis Zajciw, M. rufipes (Laporte and Gory) and M. unicolor Fuchs (=M. lateripilosa Zajciw new synonym). A Lectotype and Paralectotype are designated for M. multiguttata. Megacyllene quinquefasciata Melzer, 1931, is not considered a true Megacyllene but its generic status remains uncertain and needs further revision. Geographica1 distributions in Argentina and a key are provided.

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