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Lingafelter SW. 2020. Review of species of Anelaphus Linsley and its new synonym Gymnopsyra Linsley from the United States and Canada with description of a new species, synonymies, distributional notes and an illustrated identification key (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Elaphidiini). Insecta Mundi 0798: 1–30.


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A review and illustrated key to Anelaphus Linsley, 1936 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Elaphidiini) of the United States and Canada is provided, along with taxonomic and distributional notes. Gymnopsyra Linsley, 1937, is a new synonym of Anelaphus. Gymnopsyra chemsaki Linsley, 1963 is a new synonym of Gymnopsyra magnipunctatus (Knull, 1934). Anelaphus hoferi (Knull, 1934) and Anelaphus tuckeri (Casey, 1924) are new synonyms of Anelaphus simile (Schaeffer, 1908). Anelaphus parallelus (Newman, 1840), An­elaphus rusticus (LeConte, 1850), and Anelaphus davisi Skiles, 1985 are new synonyms of Anelaphus villosus (Fabricius, 1792). Anelaphus aspera (Knull, 1962), Anelaphus bupalpa (Chemsak, 1991), and Anelaphus mag­nipunctatus (Knull, 1934) are all new combinations. Anelaphus brummermannae Lingafelter, new species, is described from Arizona.