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March 1996


Insecta Mundi, published by the Center for Systematic Entomology, is available online at Copyright © by Garrido and Gutierrez.


A new species of Cyrtosoma (subgenus Nesocyrtosoma Marcuzzi 1976) for Cuba is herein described. The tribe Cnodalonini is represented in the West Indies by the genus Cnodalon and Cyrtosoma. Cyrtosoma (Nesocyrtosorna) gebieni was described by Marcuzzi from "Sitio del Infierno", Pinar del Río. C. ruficornis Chevrolat was described from Cardenas. The following taxa of the genus Cyrtosoma (Nesocyrtosoma) are considered for Cuba: C. inflatum Marcuzzi 1976, type locality "Cuba"; C. tumefactum Marcuzzi 1976, type locality "Cuba"; C. gebieni Marcuzzi 1976, type locality "Sitio del Infierno", Cordillera de los Organos, Pinar del Río; C. paralellus Zayas 1988, type locality Cupeyal, Holguín; C. turquinensis Zayas 1988, type locality Sierra Maestra, Santiago de Cuba; C. cuprosa zayas 1988, type locality Sierra Maestra (it must be verified if these localities are referred to Pico Turquino, "La Siberia" or elsewhere); C. cristalensis Zayas 1988, type locality Sierra Cristal, Holguín; C. trinitatis Zayas 1976, type locality Pico de Potrerillo, Sierra de Trinidad, Sancti-Spiritus.

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