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Muona J. 2022. New fossil false click-beetles from the Americas (Coleoptera: Eucnemidae). Insecta Mundi 0912: 1–11.


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One new genus and three new false click-beetle species (Coleoptera: Eucnemidae) are described from American fossil resins: Neusiokia new genus, type species Neusiokia appalachiensis new species (North Carolina resin), Thambus woodruffi new species (Dominican resin) and Asiocnemis colombicus new species (Colombian resin).

Seventy-two fossil species are included in the family Eucnemidae presently. Half of them, 36, are based on Baltic amber materials (Muona 1993a; Muona 2021), 22 are from Myanmar amber deposits (Li et al. 2020; Muona 2020; Otto 2019) and 10 are mineral fossils, nine of these from China (Chang et al. 2016; Muona et al. 2020; Li et al. 2021) and one from Australia (Oberprieler et al. 2016). The remaining four valid fossil eucnemid species have been described from the Americas, one from Dominican amber (Poinar 2012) and three from the Florissant beds (Wickham 1916). The purpose of the present work is to describe three new American fossil species from different types of resins.