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Lee S, Suh S-J. 2022. Whiteflies (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) intercepted on plant product imported to South Korea from 2013–2021. Insecta Mundi 0947: 1–17.


Published on July 29, 2022 by Center for Systematic Entomology, Inc. P.O. Box 141874 Gainesville, FL 32614-1874 USA

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Current globalization and technological progress has facilitated and increased the international trade of plant products worldwide and has promoted the long-distance movement of immobile sucking pests such as whiteflies attached on plants. Therefore, being able to compile and update information on intercepted insect pests will help to improve the inspection procedures, to detect, identify and mitigate the damage caused by exotic invasive pests. Records of whiteflies (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) intercepted on import plants from 2013 to 2021 in the Pest Information System (PIS) database of South Korea were analyzed. A total of 32 species belonging to 19 genera were intercepted on plants imported into South Korea from 20 countries, mostly located in the Oriental region including China. Brief diagnoses, an identification key and photographs of the 32 species intercepted on agricultural commodities and the countries from which they were detected on plants are given to assist in their identification. In addition, this information provides background data and scientific rationale for decisions regarding the management of whiteflies intercepted at the South Korean ports on imported plant products to prevent the introduction and establishment of exotic whiteflies into South Korea.