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Rifkind J. 2023. A new species of Cymatodera Gray (Coleoptera: Cleridae) from Honduras. Insecta Mundi 0978: 1–4.


Published on March 3, 2023 by Center for Systematic Entomology, Inc. P.O. Box 141874 Gainesville, FL 32614-1874 USA

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Cymatodera batleth new species (Coleoptera: Cleridae) is described from Honduras. It appears to belong to a group of Central American congeners that share similar facies and coloration, deeply emarginate elytral apices and elaborately modified male pygidia.

Heretofore ten species of Cymatodera Gray have been recorded from Honduras: C. conflagrata (Klug), C. depau­perata Gorham, C. guatemalensis Schenkling, C. prolixa (Klug), C. sallei Thomson, C. sinuosa Burke, C. rileyi Rifkind, C. crassa Burke and Sole, C. nigrofasciata Burke and Sole, and C. parva Burke which have distributions extending into neighboring Central American countries (Burke 2013; Burke et al. 2017). The known Honduran Cymatodera fauna is likely to increase, given that half of the above were described only within the last decade (Burke 2013; Rifkind 2015; Burke et al. 2017, 2019), and Honduras remains relatively unexplored for Cleridae. This paper describes a new species of Honduran Cymatodera, and its first apparently endemic member of the genus.