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March 2008


Insecta Mundi, published by the Center for Systematic Entomology, is available online at Copyright © by Gnezdilov and O'Brien.


Six new genera are erected as follows: in the Issini, Argepara gen. n. (type species: Hysteropterum semipellucidum Melichar, 1906), Aztecus gen. n. (type species: Hysteropterum montezuma Kirkaldy, 1913), Incasa gen. n. (type species: Hysteropterum riobambae Schmidt, 1910), Bumaya gen. n. (type species: Bumaya knorozovi sp. n.); and in the Colpopterini, Caudibeccus, gen. n. (type species: Colpoptera carlota Myers, 1928) and Jamaha gen. n. (type species: Poeciloptera elevans Walker, 1858).

Four new generic synomymies are proposed: Prothona Caldwell, 1945 and Plummerana Caldwell, 1945 are placed in synonymy under Proteinissus Fowler, 1904. Thionissa Metcalf, 1938 is placed in synonymy under Dracela Signoret, 1861. Hesperophara Kirkaldy, 1904 is placed in synonymy under Colpoptera Burmeister, 1835.

Twenty-three new combinations resulting from generic synonymies or transfer of species into new genera are: Argepara lyra (Berg, 1883), Argepara semipellucida (Melichar, 1906), Aztecus auroriferus (Caldwell, 1945), Aztecus erratus (Caldwell, 1945), Aztecus mexicanus (Kirkaldy, 1909), Aztecus montezuma (Kirkaldy, 1913), Aztecus sierrae (Fowler, 1904), Aztecus viridatus (Caldwell, 1945), Caudibeccus carlota (Myers, 1928), Caudibeccus lucaris (Fennah, 1955), Caudibeccus meleagris (Fennah, 1955), Caudibeccus punctatus (Metcalf, 1954), Colpoptera rustica (Fabricius, 1803), Dracela acuta (Metcalf, 1938), Incasa riobambae (Schmidt, 1910), Jamaha chrysops (Fennah, 1955), Jamaha elevans (Walker 1858), Paralixes fowleri (Melichar, 1906), Proteinissus isolatus (Caldwell, 1945), Proteinissus pentagonatus (Caldwell, 1945), Proteinissus punctatus (Caldwell, 1945), Proteinissus reticulatus (Caldwell, 1945), Proteinissus viridus (Caldwell, 1945).

Three new species are described: Bumaya knorozovi sp. n. from Belize and Mexico, Traxus kasparyani sp. n. from Mexico, and Caudibeccus emeljanovi sp. n. from Cuba. The description of T. kasparyani represents the first Mexican country record for the genus Traxus Metcalf.

The species Hysteropterum acanthum Caldwell, 1945 is placed in synonymy under Aztecus montezuma (Kirkaldy, 1913). Colpoptera sinuata Burmeister, 1835 is redescribed. New country records are presented for A. semipellucida from Argentina, A. lyra from Paraguay and Uruguay, D. acuta from Ecuador, and D. annulipes Signoret, 1861 from Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador. Keys to the species of the genera Aztecus gen. n., Argepara gen. n., Traxus Metcalf, and Dracela Signoret are given. An ant association is recorded for the first time for A. lyra.

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