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September 2001


Insecta Mundi, published by the Center for Systematic Entomology, is available online at Copyright © by Peck and Skelley.


The cholevine beetles inhabiting burrows of Geomys and Thomomys pocket gophers (Rodentia: Geomyidae) are reviewed. Catops geomysi n. sp. and Ptomaphagus geomysi n. sp. are described. Both of these species and Ptomaphagus schwarzi Hatch appear to be regular and obligate inhabitants of Geomys burrows but are not host specific. Nemadus hornii Hatch, Sciodrepoides ruatsoni hornianus (Blanchard), Catops simplex Say, Ptomaphagus cavernicola Schwarz, Ptomaphagus consobrinus (LeConte), Ptomaphagus fisus Horn, and Ptomaphagus texanus Horn were less frequently collected and are probably facultative inhabitants of Geomys burrows, as well as nests or dens of other small mammals. Ptomaphagus nevadicus Horn is an inhabitant of burrows of Thomomys pocket gophers in western North America. A key to the species of Ptomaphagus in the southeastern Gulf Coastal Plain, from non-cave habitats, is provided to aid in their identification.

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