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December 2001


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Euchitonia Kolbe, 1894, (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) is a junior homonym of Euchitonia Ehrenberg, 1861, (Protozoa). Euchitonia Kolbe consists of four, large, uncommon species known from peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo, and Java. Podan$ (1968) revised Euchitonia Kolbe, but omitted E. menzelii Ritsema. Subsequently, Hayashi (1978) synonymized E. malayana Podany under E. menzelii Ritsema. More recently, Hudepohl(1983) described E. constanzae but questionably placed it in the genus. Huedepohliana, nomen novum, is proposed to replace Euchitonia Kolbe. The following new combinations are created: Huedepohliana constanzae (Hudepohl), H. menzelii (Ritsema), H. superba (Aurivillius), H. suspecta (Ritsema). The new generic name honors Dr. Karl-Emst Hudepohl for his contributions to the knowledge of tropical Cerambycidae. The following is a summary for this genus.

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