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March 1997


Insecta Mundi, published by the Center for Systematic Entomology, is available online at Copyright © by Opitz.


The subfamily Epiphloeinae is defined to include fourteen genera as follows: Epiphloeus Spinola; Pilosirus, new genus; Plocamocera Spinola; Iontoclerus, new genus; Arenaria, new genus; Ichnea Laporte; Diaprorrieces, new genus; Pyticeroides Kuwert; Ellipotoma Spinola; Katamyurus, new genus; Megatrachys, new genus; Madoniella Pic; Hapsidopteris, new genus; and Teutonia, new genus. The following type-species are described: Pilosirus brunoi, new species; Arenaria chiapas, new species; Diapromeces aclydis, new species; Katamyurus paxillus, new species; Megatrachys paniculus, new species; Hapsidopteris diastenus, new species; and Teutonia nova, new species. Enoplium humerale Klug is designated as the type species of Iontoclerus. The genus Madoniella is removed from the subfamily Korynetinae and is declared a senior synonym of Phlogistosternus Wolcott. Neichnea is synonymized with Pyticeroides. This treatise includes a key to the genera of Epiphloeinae, descriptions of the genera and new type-species, and distribution map for each genus.

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