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June 1997


Insecta Mundi, published by the Center for Systematic Entomology, is available online at Copyright © by Strohecker.


The endomychid beetle genera Anidrytus Gerstaecker and Epopterus Chevrolat have been confused for many years. This paper discusses the similarities and differences of these genera, describes new species, makes some nomenclatural changes, and illustrates the genitalia for many species. New species described: Epopterus picticollis, E bioculatus, E. confusus, E gracilis, E. loretensis, E. anomalus, E. aravacus, E. atriventris, E. crypticus, E. quechuanus, E. callerianus, E. flavonotatus, E. submaculatus, E. parvus, Anidrytus nimbiferus, A. parki, A. compactus, A. gibbosus, A. circumcinctus, A. bechyneorum, A. batesi, A. mexicanus, A. trinitatis, A. major, A. humerosus, A. grandis, A. cardiosoma. New synonymies: E. vacuus Gerstaecker (=E. scalaris Gorham); E. decempunctatus Gerstaecker (=E. bifasciatus Pic); E. variegalus Erichson (=E. decoratus Kirsch); A. contractus Gerstaecker (=A. dolosus Gorham); A. helvolus Gerstaecker (=Ephebus ignobilis Gorham); A. parallelus Gerstaecker (=Ephebus depressus Gorham). Changes in nomenclatural status or combination: Epopterus kirshi Strohecker is reduced to a subspecies of E. partitus Gerstaecker; E. angustatus Strohecker is reduced to a subspecies of E. fasciatus (Fabricius); E. fuliginosus Guerin-Meneville is transferred to Anidrytus.

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