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September 1997


Insecta Mundi, published by the Center for Systematic Entomology, is available online at Copyright © by Kingsolver and Ribeiro-Costa.


The following changes in nomenclature of some species of Amblycerus Thunberg, 1815, are proposed: A) Elevated to new taxonomic status-A. insuturatus (Pic, 1902) from (Spermophagus subflavidus var. insuturatus); A. luteolineatus (Pic, 1929) from (Spermophagus luteonotatus var. luteolineatus); A. paulonotatus (Pic, 1906) from (Spermophagus luteonotatus var. paulonotatus). B) New synonmy-A. dispar (Sharp, 1885)(= Spermophagus longissimus Pic, 1902; =S. caryoboriformis Pic, 1910; = S. guyanensis Pic, 1917; S. piceosuturalis Pic, 1927; =S. caracasensis Pic, 1954); A. gounellei (Pic. 1902)(= S. eurtus Pic, 1911; =S. basipennis Pic, 1936); A. insuturatus (Pic, 1902)(= A. wolcotti Kingsolver, 1970); A. jatayensis (Pic, 1902)(= S. jatayensis var bicoloriceps Pic, 1955; =S. jatayensis var. hahnelli PIc, 1955; A. multimaculatus (Pic, 1902)(= S. minasensis Pic, 1918); A. perfectus (Sharp, 1885)(= S. maculatopygus Pic, 1927); A. reticulatus (Jekel, 1855)(= S. rufotestaceus Pic, 1912); A. luteolineatus (Pic, 1929)(= S. multisignatus Pic, 1954). C) Lectotype/s and paralectotypes/s are designated for: S. luteonotatus Pic, 1902; S. multimaculatus Pic, 1902; S. maculatopygus Pic, 1927; S. subflavidus Pic, 1902; S. trisignatus Sharp, 1885; S. jatayensis Pic, 1902; S. longissimus Pic, 1902; S. caryoborioformis Pic, 1910; S. dispar Sharp, 1885; S. subflavidus var. insuturatus Pic, 1902. For all species listed in this paper, we provide a bibliography, label data on type material, sex of types and their repository.

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