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September 2003


Insecta Mundi, published by the Center for Systematic Entomology, is available online at Copyright © by Lisberg.


In an attempt to more consistently apply generic concepts, 13 species of Mordellidae are transferred to different genera. Mordellistena bihamata (Melsheimer) and Mordellistena discolor (Melsheimer) are transferred to Falsomordellistena Ermisch, 1941, while 11 species (Mordellistena ancilla LeConte, Mordellistena floridensis Smith, Mordellistena guttulata Helmuth, Mordellistena impatiens LeConte, Mordellistena infima LeConte, Mordellistena lecontei Ermisch, Mordellistena minutalis Liljeblad, Mordellistena nigricans Melsheimer, Mordellistena parva Liljeblad, Mordellistena semiusta LeConte, and Mordellistena testacea Blatchley) are transferred to Mordellina Schilsky, 1908. Two species, Mordellistena rufa Liljeblad and Mordellina ustulata (LeConte), are proposed as junior synonyms of Mordellina ancilla (LeConte).

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