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September 1994


Insecta Mundi, published by the Center for Systematic Entomology, is available online at Copyright © by Thomas.


The subfamily Asopinae of the stinkbug family Pentatomidae is revised for the Old World with a key to the genera and a review of the species with nomenclatural changes. The genus Tahitocoris is removed from the Asopinae and placed tentatively with the Podopinae. The genus Breddiniella is reduced to a synonym of Cazira. The genus Incitatus is reduced to a synonym of Martinina. The genus Platynopus is divided into three genera by the restriction of Platynopus to include only five Indo- Pacific species; the elevation of the subgenus Montrouzieriellus to the level of full genus, and the erection o fa new genus Platynopiellus for the African species formerly placed in Platynopus. A new genus Australojalla is erected for Jalla versicolor. The genera Cantheconidea and Eocanthecona are defined and their respective species aligned in concordance with their definitions. Fourteen species are thus transferred from Cantheconidea to Eocanthecona creating the following new combinations: Eocanthecona japanicola, Eocanthecona binotata, Eocanthecona latipes, Eocanthecona mitis, Eocanthecona neotib ialis, Eocanthecona ornatula, Eocanthecona parua, Eocanthecona plebeja, Eocanthecona robusta, Eocanthecona rufescens, Eocanthecona shikokuensis, Eocanthecona thomsoni, Eocanthecona tibialis, and Eocanthecona uollenhoueni. Eocanthecona migratoria is transferred to the genus Afrius creating the new combination Afrius migratorius. Also, Canthecona populusi is transferred to Eocanthecona giving the new combination Eocanthecona populusi. Anasida ikrami is transferred to the genus Pseudanasida giving the new combination Pseudanasida ikrami. Afrius discolor glypsoides is placed in synonymy under Cantheconadiscolor. Asopus rufus is synonymized under Amyotea malabarica. Arma neocusta and Arma neoinsperata are synonymized under Arma custos.

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