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December 2000


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Galiano (1971) revised the genus Fluda Peckham and Peckham 1892, and later updated the revision with additional descriptions, including a new species (Galiano 1986). In her original revision, she transferred Keyserlingella perdita Peckham and Peckham 1892, from Colombia, into the genus. This species was described from both sexes, but only the female was adequately illustrated. Galiano (1971) noted that Banks (1929) had examined only the female type of K. perdita when he described the Panamanian Fluda princeps from both sexes. She concluded that the male of K. perdita was lost subsequent to its description but prior to Banks examination. If the male of K. perdita had been available, it would have made more sense to compare both sexes with F. princeps. I have been able to confirm that the male of K. perdita, supposed to be at the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, was lost (V. Wallach, personal communication, 2001).

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