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September 1999


Insecta Mundi, published by the Center for Systematic Entomology, is available online at Copyright © by Bohart.


Seventeen new species of Arpactophilus from New Caledonia are described and figured. These are the first from New Caledonia and bring the number to 37 species of the genus from Australia and nearby islands, all east of Wallace's Line. The new species are abdominalis, arboreus, brochus, caledonicus, concavus, cuspidis, dolichocara, gressitti, irwini, kraussi, nemoralis, nigripes, propodealis, schlingeri, scutellaris, sylvaticus, and webbi. All of these have an occipital carina, sometimes most evident ventrally. As a rule there are 2 forewing submarginal cells, but in caledonicus, dolichocara, nigripes, and propodealis there is only one such cell.

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