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September 2003


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Cyclolabus Heinrich may be recognized by the following combination of characters: clypeus convex in profile; propodeum with spiracle circular or nearly so and without projecting cristae; petiole dorsally flattened, wider than high; thyridia strongly trans- verse (each wider than the space between them).

This genus is mostly Holarctic in distribution with some overlap into the Oriental region and the northern Neotropics (Yu and Horstmann 1997). In the Nearctic it is known mainly from Canadian and Transition zone localities, except for C. carolinensis described by Heinrich (1962) from western South Carolina. Heinrich does not include Cyclolabus in his 1977 review of the Florida Ichneumoninae, but recent (1997) collecting with Malaise traps has shown it to be common in hardwood forests of the northern Florida peninsula.

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