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September 1998


Published in Insecta Mundi Vol. 12, No. 3-4, September-December, 1998. Copyright © 1998 by Valentine.

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Taxonomy, synonymy, distribution, and biologies of Nearctic (and a few Neotropical and Palearctic) Anthribidae are reviewed, new keys are provided, and four new genera and eleven new species are described. Allandrus Leconte, 1876 (=Tropiderinus Reitter, 1916). Anthribus Geoffrey, 1762 (=Pseudobrachytarsus Pierce, 1930). Araecerus Schoenherr, 1823 (=Araeocorynus Jekel, 1855); Araecerus coffeae Fabricius, 1801 (=Tropideres (Rhaphitropis) mateui Cobos, 1954). Brachycorynus n. gen., type species Tropideres rectus Leconte, 1876; congeneric: Homocloeus distentus Frieser, 1983 from Cuba and Florida, and B. hirsutus n. sp. from Texas. Choragus major n. sp., Ohio, etc., striolatus n. sp., Ohio, and exophthalmus n. sp., Virginia. Corrhecerus Schoenherr, 1826 (=Paranthribus Jordan, 1904) resulting in Corrhecerus rufescens (Jordan, 1904), new combination. Eurymycter Leconte, 1876, and Gonotropis Leconte, 1876, are removed from synonymy with Tropideres Schoenherr, 1823, and returned to full generic rank. Eusphyrus Leconte, 1876 is removed from synonymy with Ormiscus Waterhouse, 1845, and returned to full generic rank; Tropideres (Opisthotropis) vasconicus Hoffmann and Tempere, 1954, from France is transferred to Eusphyrus, with Opisthotropis a generic synonym; Eusphyrus pulicarius Boheman, 1859, Brasil, is transferred from Brachytarsus, and the species eusphyroides Schaeffer and quercus Schaeffer are transferred from Ormiscus. Gymnognathus triangularis n. sp., Texas. Habroxenus n. gen., type species H. politus n. sp., Texas and Maryland, also H. fuscus n. sp., Guatemala, and H. sarmenticola n. sp., Haiti. Neoxenus n. gen., type species N. versicolor n. sp., Texas, etc.; congeneric: Notioxenus ater and polius Jordan, 1907, Central America, and pallipes Suffrian, 1870, Cuba. Phoenicobiella trituberculata (Suffrian, 1870, Cuba) transferred from Toxonotus Lacordaire, 1866. Piesocorynus lateralis Jordan, 1906 (=P. virginicus Leng, 1918). Sicanthus n. gen., type species S. rhizophorae n. sp., Florida. Toxonotus bipunctatus Schaeffer, 1904 (=Neanthribus obtusus Jordan, 1906); Toxonotus penicellatus Schaeffer, 1906 (=Neanthribus segregus Jordan, 1906); Toxonotus uagus Horn, 1894 (=Neanthribus hieronymus Jordan, 1906). Trigonorhinus lepidus n. sp., California; Trigonorhinus limbatus Say, 1827 (=Brachytarsus plumbeus and B. vestitus Leconte, 1876, and Brachytarsoides minor, quadratus, quadratus ssp. nigrinus and rufodorsalis Dethlefsen, 1954); Trigonorhinus griseus Leconte, 1876 (=Brachytarsus riddelliae Schaeffer, 1906, and Brachytarsoides cylindratus, elongatus, nevadensis, nevadensis ssp. tigrinus, and vulgaris Dethlefsen, 1954); Trigonorhinus tomentosus Say, 1827 (=Brachytarsus paululus Casey, 1884, B. beyeri Schaeffer, 1906, B. franseria Barrett, 1931, and B. irregularis Tanner, 1934); Trigonorhinus zeae Wolfrum, 1931 (=Opanthribus trimaculatus Senoh, 1986); Trigonorhinus areolatus Boheman, 1845 (=Tropideres (Tropideres), bagueni Cobos, 1954, Spain). Introgressive hybridization is invoked for the Trigonorhinus limbatus-griseus complex. New keys are provided for the species of Brachycorynus, Choragus, Habroxenus, Neoxenus, Phoenicobiella, Trigonorhinus, and Eusphyrus, plus a new key to Nearctic tribes and genera, and a new Nearctic checklist. New distribution and life-history data are given for many species.

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