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March 1990


Published in Insecta Mundi Vol. 4, No. 1-4, March-December 1990. Copyright © 1990 Kissinger.
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A new subgenus, Xixias (type species Apion herculanum Smith), is described for the Apion herculanum group and the Apion peculiare group formerly assigned to the Apion subgenus Ixias Sainte-Claire Deville. Unique features within Apionidae are the structure of the endophallus and the host plant families Caprifoliaceae and Rutaceae. A. nigrosparsum Suffrian formerly included in the peculiare group is excluded. Two new species described from Mexico, Apion clarki Kissinger and A. hahowdeni Kissinger, are the first North American Apion with tuberculate elytra. Supplemental descriptions and/or distribution records are given for Apion americanum Wagner, Apion basirostre Sharp, Apion lebasii Gyllenhal, Apion harpax Kissinger, Apion peculiare Wagner and Apion xanthoxyli Fall.

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