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March 2003


Insecta Mundi, published by the Center for Systematic Entomology, is available online at Copyright © by Norrbom and Callaballo.


Three species of Anastrepha from upper Amazonia are described or redescribed and illustrated. They are considered closely related and are placed in the A. caudata species group. Anastrepha caudata Stone 1942 is redescribed based on the holotype, the only known specimen. Its type locality is probably São Paulo de Olivença in Amazonas, Brazil, not the state or city of São Paulo as previously assumed. Anastrepha hendeliana Lima 1934, new status, is removed from synonymy with A. longicauda Lima 1934 based on specimens from Brazil (Amazonas and Rondonia) and Colombia (Caquetá). The female is described for the first time. Anastrepha brunnealata, n. sp., is described from specimens from Venezuela (Amazonas) and probably Peru (Loreto). Anastrepha longicauda Lima is placed in the dentata species group.

Se describen o redescriben e ilustran tres especies de Anastrepha del Amazonia. Ellas están consideradas cercanamente relacionadas y las ubican en el grupo de especies vcaudata. Se redescribe Anastrepha caudata Stone 1942 basado en el holotipo, el único especimen conocido. La localidad tipo probablemente es São Paulo de Olivença en el Amazonas, Brasil, no el estado o la ciudad de São Paulo como se asumió anteriormente. Se remueve Anastrepha hendeliana Lima 1934, stat. n., de la sinonómia de A. longicauda Lima 1934 basado en especimenes de Brasil (Amazonas y Rondonia) y Colombia (Caquetá). La hembra es descrita por primera vez. Se describe Anastrepha brunnealata, sp. n., de especimenes de Venezuela (Amazonas) y probablemente Peru (Loreto). Se ubica Anastrepha longicauda Lima en el grupo de especies dentata.

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