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March 1992


Published in Insecta Mundi Vol. 6, No. 3-4, September-December, 1992. Copyright © 1992.

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The Board elected Howard Weems as President, Harold Denmark as Vice-President, and Gene Gerberg as Secretary/Treasurer.
Ross Arnett is to be Chairman of the Editorial Board, to oversee and coordinate production for Insecta Mundi. Mike Thomas is the Editor.
Two bylaw changes were suggested, and the membership will be polled. The bylaw regarding bonding of the Secretary/Treasurer should be changed. A motion was also made to change the position of Secretary/Treasurer to two positions, a Secretary and a Treasurer. A motion was also made to increase the Board to 12 members, and was seconded and approved.
It was suggested that a logo be developed for CSE.
Dues notices for volume 7,1993 will be sent out shortly.

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