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September 1989


Published in Insecta Mundi Vol. 3, No. 3, September 1989. Copyright © 1989 Johnson.

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Tergissima Johnson and Femniterga Johnson, originally described from four sympatric south-central Andean species, are revised to include, respectively, four and nine South American species (of which six are previously undescribed). New combinations include Femniterga cissusa (Hewitson), F. cinniana (Hewitson) and F. plumans (Druce), all transferred from Thecla; new species include Tergissima montanensis and T. shargeli, and Femniterga itaituba, F. megana, F. splendida and F. strobilata. A lectotype is designated for Thecla cissusa. Femniterga and Tergissima are part of a largely undescribed eumaeine assemblage also including Calycopis Scudder and Calystryma Field.

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