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September 1988


Published in Insecta Mundi Vol. 2, nos. 3 & 4, Sept./Dec. 1988. Copyright © 1988 Heppner.

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This is another volume in the extensive series planned on Palearctic Microlepidoptera (including Pyralidae). The expertise of Dr. Diakonoff, particularly in Tortricidae, provides a welcome coverage for the included species. This is especially true for the previously conglomerated assortment of species placed in Glyphipterigidae by E. Meyrick and the fact that until recently this classification was followed by most works on the Palearctic fauna. The previous concept of Glyphipterigidae has been considerably altered in the past decade; where Meyrick had over 1,200 species worldwide in one family, we now have four separate families and part of a fifth family for the bulk of these species, while about 200 other species have been assigned to about 20 other families from Meyrick's erroneous placements. This current MP volume revises and illustrates the Palearctic fauna of the five major groups of the previous Glyphipterigidae for the first time using modern taxonomic concepts and detailed analysis of characters such as genitalia, not used by Meyrick and many older workers.

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