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September 1988


Published in Insecta Mundi Vol. 2, nos. 3 & 4, Sept./Dec. 1988. Copyright © 1988 Rohacek and Marshall.

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A worldwide review of Minilimosina (Svarciella) Rohicek 1983, comprising 27 species, is provided, with data about the primary types, published descriptions and figures, synonyms and distribution including new records. A key to Svarciella species is presented and 14 new species are described and illustrated: M. floreni (Sweden), M. aterga, M. fanta, M. furculipexa, M. brachyptera, M. amphicuspa (all Nepal), M. triplex, M. comigera (both Malaysia), M. concinna, M. hastata (both Philippines), M. spinifera (Papua New Guinea), M. flagrella (Bismarck Is.), M. xanthosceles (Ecuador) and M. xestops (USA: Florida). M. furculisterna (Deeming 1969) is redescribed, including the previously undescribed female, and recorded from Japan. The female of M. unica (Papp 1973) is described for the first time and the species is recorded from northern Europe. M. hackmani (Rohicek 1977) is removed from synonymy with M. dissimilicosta (Spuler 1925) and synonymized under M. unica (Papp). M. paravitripennis (Papp 1973) is a new synonym of M. vitripennis (Zetterstedt 1847). The egg of M. concinna sp.n. is described and illustrated. The phylogeny and biogeography of world Svarciella species are discussed.

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