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March 2003


Insecta Mundi, published by the Center for Systematic Entomology, is available online at Copyright © by M. Thomas.


Abstract: The genera of the tribe Brontini (Silvanidae: Brontinae) are reviewed. The tribe is considered here to be composed of 12 genera, Uleiota Latreille, Brontopriscus Sharp, and Dendrophagus Schönherr, plus nine new genera: Australodendrophagus, Australohyliota, Brontoliota, Dendrophagella, Macrohyliota, Megahyliota, Microhyliota, Parahyliota, and Protodendrophagus. Aplatamus Grouvelle is removed from the Brontini and placed in the Telephanini. Four new species are described: Protodendrophagus antipodes Thomas; Brontoliota indivisipennis Thomas; Brontoliota intermedius Thomas; and Brontoliota monteithi Thomas.

Described species are assigned to genera with the following new combinations resulting:
Australodendrophagus australis (Erichson); Australohyliota chilensis (Blanchard); Australohyliota macleayi (Olliff); Denrophagella capito (Pascoe); Macrohyliota truncatipennis (Heller); Macrohyliota bicolor Arrow; Macrohyliota gracilicornis (Arrow); Macrohyliota lucius (Pascoe); Macrohyliota militaris (Erichson); Macrohyliota spinicollis (Gory); Megahyliota feae (Grouvelle); Microhyliota integricollis (Fairmaire); Parahyliota africanus Grouvelle; Parahyliota alticola (Pal, Sen Gupta, and Crowson); Parahyliota atratus (Grouvelle); Parahyliota brevicollis (Arrow); Parahyliota cinamomeus (Fairmaire); Parahyliota costicollis (Reitter); Parahyliota fallax/ (Grouvelle); Parahyliota indicus (Arrow); Parahyliota pallidus (Arrow); Parahyliota puberulus (Reitter); Parahyliota serratus (Smith); Parahyliota serricollis (Candeze); Parahyliota siamensis (Arrow).

Two new synonymies are proposed: Uleiota crenicollis Grouvelle (=Uleiota costicollis Grouvelle) and Uleiota texana Dajoz (=Uleiota dubius (Fabricius)). Uleiota truncatus Motschulsky, formerly treated as a subspecies of U. dubius (Fabricius), is elevated to a full species, new status.

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