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January 1985


Published in Insecta Mundi Vol. 1, no. 1, January 1985. Copyright © 1986 Bohart.

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Australian Chrysis form three closely related groups in addition to a few wide-ranging and apparently adventive species. The latter are lincea Fabricius, schiodtei Dahlbom, fuscipennis Brulle, and fossulata F. Smith. The remaining 23 species, including those presently described, appear to be endemic i n the Australia-New Guinea area. Recently, Linsenmaier (1982, Entomofauna 3: 323-349) described a number of new species from Australia. Some of these I have been able to recognize and they are included in the key. Others that I am unable to place, possibly through lack of material, are curtisensis from Queensland and dentifrontis from South Australia. I have seen types of nearly all the species in the key. Institutions and individuals who have provided specimens of the new species herein described are given below.

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